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Women’s Health Day

On 27th November, Refugee Action-Colchester organized a Women’s Health Day in partnership with Community 360 and Beacon House, to raise awareness of cervical cancer and how to access screenings. There was also a focus on the barriers our clients face in accessing screenings, such as language and translation needs. It was also an opportunity for […]

Caseworker Report

The recently arrived asylum seekers staying at a Colchester hotel have survived war, conflict, loss of family, place and status. Dangerous and difficult journeys compound the experience. Then, once here, the way they are treated while awaiting their asylum claim decision can bring additional trauma and frustration. First in initial accommodation – where you eat […]

The end of an eventful year

The past year has been very eventful for us all, with lockdowns and gradual opening up, seeing loved ones for the first time in months, political intrigue and a lot happening locally with refugees and asylum seekers. At RA-C our activities have continued to expand, and there has been an increase in casework as well […]

New Ventures and Old – Community and Volunteers

As usual, a lot has been happening thanks to the involvement of enthusiastic and committed volunteers. And we are currently in the process of guiding a large cohort of new volunteers through our induction procedure. We are on the verge of holding our 4th Information morning to give a very general picture of RA-C and […]

Caseworker Report

The number of asylum seekers in Colchester has risen dramatically since housing providers started taking over cheap HMO property, some of which had previously been used as student accommodation. There are now 20 such houses in Colchester. Two house families, one a single vulnerable woman, and the rest between 3 and 6 residents each. There […]

Welcome to our RA-C Community – August 29th 2021

 Despite the unfolding tragedies of Kabul and Afghanistan, and our response to that, we all have to continue our endeavours in the Colchester and RA-C community. A number of our refugee friends have been able to help with welcoming the Afghans and interpreting for them, which reflects the fact that we are truly a community. […]