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Together We Grow – Forest Schools reimagined and reincarnated.

Just before the Covid 19 lockdown we were excited to receive a generous grant from Colchester Borough Council specifically for use with our Forest School activities. For about 2 years we had had the occasional Forest School in High Woods, Colchester, under the supervision of Tim, a volunteer who is a qualified Forest School leader […]

A snapshot from elsewhere…

While we are all finding our own ways to cope with the demands of a protracted lockdown, we are conscious of the very many people for whom social distancing and other safety precautions are an impossibility. Residents of refugee camps the world over are living in a state of heightened anxiety because of the risks […]

Urgent Coronavirus Appeal

Actions to slow the spread of coronavirus are changing just about every aspect of what we have come to think of think of as normal life, the things we take for granted – and the virus itself is understandably causing great concerns for the well-being of loved ones. It’s almost impossible for the awful situation […]

Friends not Foes Homework Club

Every Friday during term time between about six and ten Sixth Form students, along with teachers Kerstin and Alison stay behind when lessons finish at 4pm at The Sixth Form College, North Hill. They do so to provide one to one help with homework for school age young people in the refugee community.  The club […]

FGM Awareness

FGM – What is it and how many does it affect?  Female Genital Mutilation, also known as ‘cutting’ or ‘sunnah’ is an abuse suffered by 2 million woman and girls globally, and thought to affect over 130,000 woman here in the UK.  It is, put simply by the World Health Organisation (WHO)… “All procedures involving […]