Helping with the basics, for a better start in life.

Nine month old Zeinab (name changed) has all she needs in many respects…

A loving, talented mother and a wonderful big brother, aged six, who is her protector and hero.

However, her mother is struggling financially after having faced domestic violence and having her British husband withdraw her spousal visa when she reported the events.

Thanks to wonderful assistance from a legal team mum is now safe and has indefinite leave to Remain. However she has moved from home, set up in a new place and for the first time in her life has to live off benefits. You have already helped us to help furnish the home and support the family in many ways.

Recently an appeal for nappies produced so many bags that we were able to set up a shelf in our office to offer many of our lowest income families some to take away. 

We would like to continue that – so if your baby has changed size mid-pack please stick them in a bag and send us the rest.

Another item we realise costs a lot for families is baby milk powder. Particularly newborn and early years,
stage 1 and 2. If anyone is able to stick a tin in their shopping for one of our mums next time they are shopping we would be so grateful.

While many mums breast feed, there are countless reasons that some of them have not been able to do so – including injuries, detention and malnourishment.

Please help them have these vital items without the rest of the family going hungry.