The shocking reality of life as an Asylum Seeker in the UK in 2020.

The following account of life as an asylum seeker in 21st century Britain should be read by everyone. It speaks of the absolute need for change to the dehumanising and hopeless systems put in place by seemingly compassionless politicians and the parasitic corporations who win their disgusting contracts. The account was written by one of […]

Introducing Mathilde…

My name is Mathilde Vivares and I am a masters student in human rights law at Essex University. I first became involved with Refugee Action Colchester through STAR (Student Action for Refugees) at the university. We started a craft and conversation club, running weekly, with some of the women clients. The project is to provide […]

Community Activity Update – August 2020

Community activities continue to be popular and to provide some pleasure and purpose during this difficult time. The library service supplied us with packs of books and activities for families and these have been distributed by volunteers and case-workers. The Mercury theatre asked us to take part in their production of short videos related to […]

World Refugee Day

Today, 20th June, is World Refugee Day, with the theme being “Imagine” this year. We wanted to imagine a better world for everyone, a kinder, more supportive, fairer world. These four wonderful accounts from Zak, Zac, Rahaf and Dayani are demonstrative of different the ways that supporting their own community can enrich and better people’s […]

Imagine you won the lottery!

This week has been Refugee Week 2020 and it has the theme of ‘Imagine’ – many of our volunteers have shared their thoughts on this theme. When we entered lockdown three months ago, I could only imagine the thought of Refugee Action – Colchester being a properly funded organisation. At the time, we didn’t even […]