What your donations and kindness support

Remaining open for face-to-face appointments throughout a pandemic has advantages and disadvantages. 15 Queen Street now has a fourth office which doubles up to house the Food from Home Foodbank. At the office, we have 4 caseworkers, a part-time operations manager, and a full-time fundraiser who also takes on housing casework. We are hoping to acquire […]

A place to call home

Amongst the really difficult cases we are currently dealing with, it’s nice to reflect on those that are coming out the other side of what was an incredibly tough time for them. One of our clients who we have worked very closely within the last year, has had her life transformed in the 16 months […]

Our new “Food From Home” Foodbank

RA-C’s “Food From Home” Foodbank has been up and running for about a month now and is such an exciting and essential extension of our organisation. Many of our clients from African and Middle Eastern countries can now access ingredients that are expensive to come by and would not be found in Colchester’s general food […]

Policy Vs Reality – National Asylum Support System

If you read about what support Asylum Seekers are able to access via the National Asylum Support System (NASS for short), you would think it’s basic, but mostly adequate. Unfortunately the reality for most is far, far different. Commonplace is bed bugs, heating issues, sharing rooms and bathrooms even during the Pandemic, and for those […]

Meet Mathilde

I’m Mathilde, I’m a new case worker here at Refugee Action – Colchester. I volunteered last summer while finishing my human rights masters at Essex University. I was part of the Craft & Conversation club during lockdown. I graduated from my masters in October, after finishing my dissertation on the lack of gender sensitivity in […]


I am a first year MA Social Work student. I am currently doing my placement with Refugee Action – Colchester. As a social worker, I am keen to work with asylum seekers and refugees, particularly in the context of families and unaccompanied children. Social workers play a key role in ensuring that asylum seekers and […]