Calais Update

Conditions remain very hostile in Northern France for those seeking refuge.

As the police continue to confiscate tents, sleeping bags and other possessions the relief organisations are all running low on supplies.

At Care4Calais they are low on just about everything, their current needs list includes:

Men’s boxer shorts
Men’s cotton socks
Spray deodorants

There is a local company who help get supplies over to Calais on a regular basis so if you can donate money to get these items or bring along new items to our office in Queen Street we can get them to where they are needed.

Normally over the summer there are sufficient numbers of volunteers from the UK (often teachers and students), and there is always a sharp drop off in numbers in September. There will be a number of 3 or 4 day trips throughout this autumn running from Thursday or Friday to Sunday.

Please contact for information.