Two volunteers from Colchester will be travelling to Calais in mid September to volunteer with Care4Calais, an organisation we have worked with for almost two years.  The situation is still desperate for over a thousand refugees in the region and Care4Calais also regularly support refugees in Belgium and Paris.  We will be taking a car and are looking to fill it with donations.  The latest list from the Care4Calais website is as follows:

• Men’s waterproof walking boots, sizes 38-45 (but most needed sizes 40-43)
• Sleeping bags (even better if they’re winter ones and waterproof!)
• Warm waterproof winter coats (especially small and medium sizes)
• Men’s new boxer shorts (small and medium, tight fit only)
• Men’s jogging bottoms or jeans, size 26-34 waist
• Hoodies (small and medium)
• Unlocked mobile phones with chargers
• Mobile phone external batteries
• Tarpaulins
• Toiletries and toiletry packs
• Waterproof trousers
• Thermals (long johns and tops)
• Trainers and shoes
• Socks and gloves
• Emergency blankets

Food: High priority: dried fruit & nuts (especially dates), biscuits, cakes, sugar, coffee

Also needed:  tinned food with pull top (e.g. lamb, chicken, beef, tuna, sardines, tomatoes, red/white beans, chick peas, lentils),  cooking oil, UHT milk, black & green tea, long-life fruit juice, red lentils

We will also be taking money to donate – if you have any Euros left from your holiday we would be able to buy further supplies when we get to Calais.

Please contact Philip Horner or Maria Wilby if you have any donations.

By Philip Horner