Casework Update

We’ve had some very intensive cases recently with one client in hospital for four months and becoming homeless on her release. We’ve worked alongside Colchester Borough Homes and Essex Social Care to correct a wrongful discharge and get her the care she needs.  Another mum of two is currently having a baby while also unwell and needing care and support for the children and her while immigration and housing matters were sorted. A fabulous team of volunteers who have come together in recent months have taken on a lot of hospital visits, after school and pre school care, meals and all sorts of encouragement and practical support have been happening due to their help and involvement. Many of them also have a family or individual they support already. It’s nice sometimes to dwell on all the many acts of kindness happening daily in Colchester through these volunteers.

However, there is a lot of simpler case work that is making a fundamental difference in the wellbeing of many of our clients. Of the recent newest 30 clients we have enabled more than two thirds to access immigration support, ranging from family reunion to indefinite leave to remain applications. And a further half of these clients and their families have been assisted in applying for child benefit, PIP, lower utility bills and reductions in council tax due to low income. One Turkish family have gained £270 a month after 3 interventions were made. For their family of four this has made an enormous difference, allowing them to focus on intensive English learning so they can take up the jobs they used to have in education.

On average we are seeing five cases a day and around 6 onward referrals are made each week, always with our continuing involvement and support. 

One client wrote in this week…

“When we arrived here we did not know who to ask for help or where to go. We did not even know if there was help for us. You have given us hope and helped us get asylum support, housing and invited us to join the community here. We did not expect Colchester to be so kind. Truly you have changed our lives.”

Being funded by donations alone means that we really do rely on the generosity of the people of Colchester and the surrounding areas to enable us to continue to provide the support that we give. If you’re able to make a one-off or regular donation of any size please visit our donations page.