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Calais Update

Returning to Calais after six months away – little has changed.  The Warehouse is still empty looking and during the week there are few volunteers now the media has lost interest and people think that the Jungle demolition removed the problem. On Sunday we do have a reasonable number of volunteers which enables us to […]

Calais Update

Conditions remain very hostile in Northern France for those seeking refuge. As the police continue to confiscate tents, sleeping bags and other possessions the relief organisations are all running low on supplies. At Care4Calais they are low on just about everything, their current needs list includes: Men’s boxer shorts Men’s cotton socks Joggers T-shirts Spray […]

Volunteering in Calais

One of our Director’s Philip has been volunteering for the past month with the charity Care4Calais – between the middle of May to middle of June he organised 14 volunteers from Colchester to travel to Calais to volunteer. The volunteers participated in delivering much needed supplies of food,clothes and sleeping bags to refugees in Paris, […]

Donations Needed for Refugees in Calais

Refugee Action – Colchester and Brightlingsea Refugee Support Network are very pleased to announce that from this week we will be accepting clothing donations for the refugees in Calais.  A number of our volunteers have recently returned from Calais and can confirm how desperate the situation is there, and we have found a transport company […]

Distributing donations in freezing cold Calais.

Another trip to Calais, this time in freezing conditions – snow greeted us on our arrival at the warehouse.  It is difficult to write about anything that people don’t already know.  It was cold, the refugees have little or no shelter, donations are always needed, volunteers try and help. I have therefore decided to describe […]