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RA-C AGM 2019

Our AGM was held on 7th November at Firstsite – guests were treated to tea and delicious Syrian baklava and basboosa before the presentations began. Organisation Update Rosalind Scott, outgoing chair, reviewed how Refugee Action – Colchester CIC has undergone some major organisational changes during the year thanks to a Lottery Development Grant provided to […]

RA-C Growing Up

What do all children need in order to grow into healthy, happy members of society? Security. Stability. Love, care, the latest iPhone (even refugees just want to be cool!). But jokes aside, it’s vital for a child’s mental wellbeing to know where they belong. For three young people in our community, a group of siblings […]


Around 40% of the people we help are NRPFs. This is a UK status that means ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ – basically, no benefits, no housing. But with no legal right to work – being forced instead to rely on the generosity of strangers, or live on the street. Often this is a temporary […]

Stakeholder’s Meeting

As part of our work to make Refugee Action-Colchester into a sustainable organisation, we have started what we call ‘Stakeholder Meetings’, the first meeting being held in July 2019. We plan to have three meetings a year giving all volunteers an opportunity to come together and share information on new developments. We value our volunteers […]

We have won a Lottery Grant!

We’re delighted to have been granted funding to enable us to develop and transform Refugee Action – Colchester as we grow and meet the changing needs of refuge seekers contacting us.  This ‘Development Grant’ will enable the RA-C team to review our work including revisiting our goals and what we do, formalising the Community Interest […]