Community and Vounteer update

Community activities of limited numbers and in keeping with Covid regulations for Community groups, continue to take place. Volunteers who are able, continue to maintain established relationships and give support. And new activities are being explored and organised.

Small Forest Schools continue and the growing project thrives. On 19th September the participants in Together We Grow With Refugee Action had a celebration of produce, again within the constraints of social distancing, and we are planning an extension of the project for the coming year. This gathering was a wonderful success and enjoyed by all. The project has showed how gardening, growing and contact with the natural world is so important to us all.

The next two Forest Schools will include an element of drumming, using percussive dead wood and the drums of Hassan, a local teacher. The success of these will hopefully lead to other things. All the time we are thinking of how we can make community activities that appeal and develop skills.

On Sunday 20th September two new young volunteers who work at First Site and are experienced at delivering child-centred activities ran a kite making workshop. It was so well-organised and a source of pleasure to parents and children alike. First Site generously provided the outdoor space and we were lucky to have sunshine and enough breeze to fly the kites

A client group the case-workers are particularly concerned about are young men of anything from 18 – 27 years who have come to this country as unaccompanied minors and who are still traumatised and/or have got lost or forgotten in the system and are sofa-surfing and in many cases being ignored by the Home Office. Our case-workers are grateful they have come to our notice and are working unstintingly to support them with officialdom and some finance from your donations.

For these young men we are organising drumming sessions and table tennis, with venues provided by the 6th Form College and First Site.

A lot of this is about plans or early stages of delivery and I hope to be reporting on their success in the next newsletter!

Elizabeth, Community and Volunteer Coordinator