Community Interest Company

Refugee Action – Colchester is pleased to announce that it has now become a Community Interest Company.  The management group chose to formalise its administrative arrangements by applying to become a registered not for profit company with the aim of securing funding for a number of projects to extend our support for refugees and asylum seekers in the Colchester area.

Refugee Action – Colchester was set up originally as an informal voluntary organisation around two years ago, and is proud of what is has achieved to date – campaigning for Syrian families to come to Colchester, setting up community events, delivering support and counselling to refugees and asylum seekers from many countries, raising funds and providing assistance to those requesting help, engaging with the wider community to dispel myths and encourage engagement.

This organisational change will not have any impact on the services we currently provide, but we believe it will aid us in delivering better services going forward in collaboration with a number of other organisations such as Community360, Firstsite, Refuaid and the Colchester English Study Centre.  We believe that as a Community Interest Company we should be able to successfully apply for grants to help us fund further initiatives to support our core mission of supporting those in need.

For further information please contact Philip Horner, Iman Mortagy, Maria Wilby, Kate Khan, or Rosalind Scott

by Philip Horner