Craft and Conversation

There are now Webinars available which try to demonstrate to people how to engage with clients during lockdown and the Covid19 experience. It hasn’t really been an issue we have faced. Our community is already so bonded that most referrals come in from previous clients and our existing groups have all continued.

One group – Craft and Conversation run alongside Essex University Student Action for Refugees (STAR) has now become a Zoom video group and a WhatsApp group inspiring recipe swaps, shared crafting and lots of fun.

Now the students have sent out beautiful cards to group members so that they get some positive post and a loving message.

One Client who has been in hospital or recovering in a care home for over 8 months says ‘To all the ladies in this group who have sent me a postcard I am saying a big thankyouuuuu for the card and message. I cannot wait to meet you all. It has brightened me so much to know you care and I feel better already. Lots of love from me to you’