Driving Theory

We are now four weeks into the driving theory course, which takes place on Fridays from 4.15 – 5.30 in the VI Form College on North Hill. It has been very well attended and brilliantly run by Nicky Ball, Alison Shelley and Kerstin Ross, ably assisted by a willing team of students from Friends not Foes, the refugee support group at the college. Other people from the college have also come along to offer their expertise: Tom, a Philosophy teacher who has recently taken (and passed!) the test, a member of staff who used to be in the police (very informative) and several Arabic students who have helped with translation. Nicky’s sessions have been perfectly targeted at our group of learners as well as being lots of fun, with videos, worksheets and test questions. Tea and cakes are provided and the whole atmosphere is very warm and welcoming.

Each student partners one of our learners and together they share a laptop and work through the topic of the session. Specialised driving vocabulary is looked at, words that one wouldn’t encounter in everyday life and the test is broken down into sections; for example last week we looked at motorway driving.

Friends not Foes have collected together a selection of driving theory books and DVD’s from students who have already taken the test and these are available on long-term loan. Fresh Beginnings have also given us a set of books, for which we’re very grateful.

Some of the students look after any children who come along with their parents and children and students alike enjoy a variety of activities!

The course is going to run till the end of the college term, after which we hope to provide more classes in September. It’s been a really useful and enjoyable project and a huge thank you must go to the team at the VI Form College for making it happen.

by Clare Smee and Alison Shelley

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