Friends not Foes Homework Club

Every Friday during term time between about six and ten Sixth Form students, along with teachers Kerstin and Alison stay behind when lessons finish at 4pm at The Sixth Form College, North Hill. They do so to provide one to one help with homework for school age young people in the refugee community. 

The club has access to several rooms and many computers which is important as homework is set via special websites in most secondary schools now – and much of the actual homework requires accessing online material.  

The help is mostly provided by students which works really well because they have only recently been in secondary school themselves so know exactly what’s involved. Primary School students also come along and for them, we can help boost their reading and comprehension for their SATS.

Because it’s Friday night and we need to balance work with fun, usually the last 20 minutes are spent playing a game.  The whole thing works well because we are also extending our friendship and knowledge of each other’s lives.

On Friday 13th March, at what turned out to be our last session until coronavirus restrictions are lifted, Floran, Jay, Summer, Niamh, Abby, Lenny, Jaya, Jess, Emily, Ellie and Amelie helped Reem, Ghena, Abdo, Tesabih, Femi, Ola, Yousuf and Kamal – a lot of work was done and we also enjoyed ourselves!

The Homework Club is a REALLY positive experience for everyone involved – and if anyone else would like to join us contact Alison on or Elizabeth Curry at Refugee Action – Colchester.

All are welcome.