Growing demand demands more office space.

During the first lockdown we found clients continued to contact us with urgent issues so we re-opened the office earlier than planned.  This lockdown we have kept the office open and continued to see new clients arriving – we now have clients from more than 50 countries!

Some clients are referred by social services, some by existing clients,  and their needs vary enormously.  On a normal week we are seeing three or four new clients, as well as the clients we have dealt with previously who may have new issues in their life. 

As demand has continued to grow we have needed to look for additional office space to enable us to operate at safe distances.  Fortunately one of the larger offices in our building has become available so we have taken the opportunity to add that to our existing offices, and we are seeking funding specifically to cover that additional cost. 

As a larger space than our existing offices, when circumstances permit it, we will be able to run more group activities in-house, but for now we need the space to ensure we can see more clients at a time.  Juggling available timeslots when urgent requirements arise has been difficult, so from now on the new space should mean that things will become a bit easier.

Philip Horner
Operations Manager