Hope springs eternal – even in the midst of the pandemic.

It was recently noticed by the Clinical Commissioning Group the huge amounts of work that we do here at RA-C to fill the gaps in much needed support services for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and other vulnerable people. As such we have been awarded funding from the CCG and I am delighted to begin an official role as a Caseworker, alongside Maria and Philip this month.

This has come at just the right time because we are busier than ever with so many new cases coming to us every week. Our excellent reputation to provide support has spread, and now along with many local organisations we also get referrals directly from Social Services and the Home Office to help those requiring assistance in our area.

Being part of such a proactive and motivated team is inspiring and exciting, and although our cases can be challenging, the rewards of helping all the lovely people that we do, far outweigh any challenges.

Just one recent delight I can share with you that  one of our lovely families had the most fantastic week just gone when their beautiful baby daughter was born a few weeks early,  last Friday right in the middle of the nation celebrating the 75th anniversary of V.E. day.  Even though their struggles are great at the moment, the joy that the new arrival has brought them is immense, and it really is a true privilege to be able to support this family with their circumstantial difficulties, and to be a part of their lives. So their joy spreads to us all with this beautiful new addition to our world. I am so happy to report that Mum and baby are both doing very well. 

Our work at RA-C is so varied, and in contrast a few weeks ago we took the opportunity to transport a full van load of useful aid to the committed team at Care 4 Calais in Northern France. Although we have done many aid trips in the past, this one was unique with the current restrictions on travel, and difficult circumstances we now find ourselves in with Covid-19.

However, we are so glad that as an organisation we stepped up and overcame those issues, because the situation for Asylum Seekers in France is abhorrent. The current conditions they exist in is almost beyond comprehension at the moment, and the fact that Care 4 Calais are still delivering food and essentials to these people on a daily basis is brave, admirable and totally necessary. We are very proud to be able to assist and support them in their work in this way. 

Shelley Bradock-Overbury