Humanity’s Heart film highlighting a desperate generation’s loss of education to be broadcast during World Refugee Week.

At 21:00 on Saturday June 23rd for World Refugee Week, BMTV Sky Channel 762, Freeview: 244 (via VisionTV) will be airing “Humanity Rising in the Refugee Crisis”.

Recognising the importance of Refugee Action – Colchester’s work( RAC), Humanity’s Heart has launched another crowdfund campaign, this time supporting two charities, Refugee Action – Colchester and Refugee Trauma Initiative (RTI). The heart centered ethos of both charities and their focus on mental and emotional well-being to those found displaced are charities which make a huge difference for those finding themselves suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Majority of the campaign is to cover the license fees and post-production costs to make Humanity Rising and Lost Generation & Education – it’s shorter film on the refugee crisis – broadcast compliant. £3,500 of the £10,000 target is pledged towards RAC and RTI.

Last year as you know Refugee Action – Colchester benefited from Humanity’s Heart’s £11,750 campaign which helped 7 other charities as well, all operating across Lebanon, Greece and here in the UK making a difference on the ground to refugees. 28% of last year’s funds went towards completing Lost Community & Education which brings to heart the 10million + children who through wars and displacement lost the right to education. Once more through this work, we’ve been able to share the extraordinary volunteers who have relentlessly dedicated their efforts to ensure these children receive an education.

Lost Generation & Education will be aired on BMTV ( Sky Channel 762, Freeview: 244 (via VisionTV) ) 21.00 Sunday June 24th.

Committed to sharing the extraordinary examples of humanity being witnessed in the crisis of our time with as wide an audience as possible, we hope you will support us in our work.

By Tazeen at Humanity’s Heart