Humanity’s Heart

As outlined on their Facebook page, Humanity’s Heart “intends to witness and share experiences of those turning up in the largest crisis since World War II.

Journeying through the UK, Calais, Lebanon & Greece, we met with volunteers, refugees, local residents, spiritual leaders and politicians and explore the deep complexities this human flow of traffic brings to our time. Humanity’s Heart aims to connect the initiatives helping those fleeing wars with those wishing to learn more or help.”

Humanity’s Heart have a website where you can watch the trailer for their new hour long documentary that was launched, in London, end of May 2017.

You can also read blogs by volunteers working for the various initiatives featured on the film including Refugee Action-Colchester. Three of our local Syrians contributed to the RA-C blog, as did three of our volunteers.

Tazeen, the director of the film and the founder of Humanity’s Heart met with RA-C volunteers in Calais and came to Colchester to film us in action twice. She has launched a fundraising campaign hoping to raise funds for 9 initiatives.

by Iman Mortagy

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