Introducing WW4RI

WW4RI (Wellbeing and Work for Refugee Integration) offers specialist therapeutic, employment and language support to refugees living in the East of England.  Working in partnership with the Strategic Migration Partnership and regional organisations, the programme supports refugee adults, families and separated children to access tailored integration support within their local community. For information contact

In the Wellbeing part of the service we can offer:

Specialist wellbeing and therapeutic support, focusing on increased resilience and self-care – in Cambridge, Peterborough, Essex and Hertfordshire. Because of Covid-19, our Colchester services are currently being delivered over Zoom, as soon as the sitiuation allows we’ll be providing face to face services from Refugee Action – Colchester’s offices.

1-1 therapy over 12 sessions.

Individual and group art therapy for Children and Young people in Peterborough and Cambridge and also for adults in Cambridge.

Individual and group psycho-education.

Other adult therapeutic groups according to interest and availability e.g. horticulture.

Who is it for?

Refugee adults and families with children (via asylum-route, VPRS, VCRS and Gateway).

Separated children seeking asylum.

The Work (employment) part of the service is currently being delivered in Colchester by Essex Integration.

WW4RI is delivered by two Psychological Therapists

Shireen Dossa

Psychological Therapist for WW4RI working with children and young people.

BA Psychology, MA Psychology, PhD candidate at the University of Essex, Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies.

Work experience –

  • Conducted and facilitated therapeutic group work with adolescent girls using the medium of sport and creative activities. The emphasis was on the mind-body connection;  becoming aware of one’s own body, team and peer support, building confidence and encouraging self-expression.
  • Individual psychotherapy for latency and adolescent children.
  • Volunteering with My View Project in Refugee Council since January 2020 and currently part of WWR4I.

Mehmet Demir

Psychology BA, Clinical Psychology MA, Refugee Care, PhD Candidate in Refugee Care (ongoing).

Work experience – 

  • Providing individual and group psychotherapy.
  • Worked as therapist with refugees and asylum seekers in NGOs.
  • Currently working at Refugee Council WW4RI Project in Colchester as psychological therapist for adults.