The caseworkers at RA-C frequently have meetings in their cars, at people’s homes, cafes, on the street, in the library and any other warm and dry place we can find…

We don’t have access to a computer at these places or cannot get to forms and information easily – it’s also hard to have confidential meetings in a café!

Our good friends at Firstsite have kindly offered us a good deal on an office at 15 Queen Street – which hosts a wonderful group of other agencies like Gingerbread, The Bike Café, the Wivenhoe Repair, Reuse and Recycle project and others. At present we are self-funding this. And not from money you give us – we mean three of our team are personally paying. When pitched against the petrol and car park costs we currently have it’s not such a bad thing!

However, we would love to have some support from you! If you could help us by making a monthly payment to the costs we would be very grateful. Our ‘clients’ all know Firstsite area well so it’s a great venue, a nice spacious room with access to a kitchen and toilet. Two of them kindly came and helped assemble the furniture for the office last week and a local computer company – Colchester IT – has kindly offered to get us sorted with a desktop computer. It’s an important step for us and will make a great deal of difference not just for the roving caseworkers but most importantly, the people we support will be able to find us and get the help they need straight away.

We also have phone and internet costs so every penny is helpful!

Our account details are as follows. If you making a one off payment or setting up a Standing order please add the reference ‘office’ so we can update you next month with how much we have. Many thanks 😊

Refugee Action – Colchester
Sort Code: 30 98 97
Account Number: 35714460