One Woman’s Journey…

Most of our Sanctuary Seekers have Refugee Status. However, an increasing number are seeking asylum and for many this is a wait which seems like living in limbo.

Planning for an uncertain future is hard but keeping hope and interests alive, particularly when you have a child, is important.

Until it happens to you it is impossible to know how it might feel…thanks so much to Nasmah for her bravery in sharing this story.

The family have inspired us, constantly offering support to others and volunteering while unable to work.

Wars have No Emotions and War affected people have No Future. Yes this is the bitter truth of war which not only displaces thousands of Humans but also wipes out generations to come.

A family of Mother and 4 daughters who lost their idol (husband/father) in the Syrian War in 2012 and had to leave Syria and cross over to Jordan looking for a safe place was the start of a long, deadly, unsafe journey. I was the youngest of the sisters and had to start working for our very survival and to build a new world for us. But, life is not that easy and especially when you come from a war zone it is a different world that we live in and only I can feel the fear of being in a lone world where we were just objects to be used.

With the fear to lose my own self and my identity I had to run away from a monstrous world and after travelling to many countries finally I found my way to the United Kingdom as Asylum Seeker here in Colchester. I was married in the meantime and have a lovely son and my husband who are now my whole world. After facing so much pain, stress and humiliation I had even tried to kill myself during my journey from Syria to Colchester,  I just wanted to start a new life altogether to give a good life to my son and make a great future for us as a family.

Starting all over again with no contacts and no one to talk to was really a difficult task. Each day passing was like going deeper into a dark phase of our life and didn’t know from where to start. It was then through internet and Google we found Refugee Action – Colchester. I still remember when we had our first appointment with our caseworker at the office in Queen Street where we shared our details and our story to her, carrying in our eyes our hope that she would take us away from our isolation.

RA-C’s behavior was so opposite as against the authorities. They are actually able to give us hope, safety, comfort and make us feel welcome in this country, but meeting them was like meeting my own family and it was so quick to literally get myself placed in Colchester Institute for my English lessons and my son for his nursery and all this within a span of just one week! Refugee Action not only guided us but also contributed their time in securing our other challenges of housing, food, travelling and even clothes and toys for our son.

I feel so much safer here in Colchester as all the people that I have met until now has made me so much comfortable that I actually call this my home and all people as my family in its true sense. I still cannot believe that with such a horrifying past I am now able to actually live a normal life with my son and husband and this is only because of Refugee Action who took us away from our isolation and gave us an opportunity to live our own life and helped us at every stage to guide us and support us financially, in kind and with smiling faces at all times.

I think people like Maria and organisations like Refugee Action – Colchester are helping not only build the lives of many people but also building the generations to come which would have been lost due to war.