Poetry book benefits refugees locally and internationally.

We were thrilled and very grateful recently to accept a £600 donation from Poetry Wivenhoe, Colchester Mosaic Stanza and Suffolk Poetry Society who donated the proceeds from their anthology ‘Towards the Light, poems of reconciliation.’

The book features many truly evocative poems, as demonstrated in the following extract from ‘ Existentialism on the Dengie Peninsula’ by Nancy Hughes.

The whole of the sea and all it sustains, here
held back – one swell of life
sacrificed to the enablement of another.

To realise spring, a season whitewashed with
hope and life, you will need to inhabit
the courage to the darkness and the deaths

Look closely at the death that lines the nests
Mulch leaves and twigs and dried up grasses
stitched to house such clutches of potential.

Look closely at the decomposition of form
to energy that fuels the infinite interplay of this
life-taking, life-giving system that incubates

more death than it brings life,
but, lives that survive will join together
in full discordant harmony.