RA-C Cookery Classes

We recently started our cookery classes, beginning with two Syrian days and one Sudanese day.

Our chefs proudly taught local friends how to make Baklava, Kurdish Biryani, Fattoush Salad, Sudanese Mutabbel, a Sudanese vegetable dish with a peanut butter sauce as well as many more delicious dishes. After cooking we sat together over lunch enjoying the food each group prepared.

We also had Warwick Sweeney with us, who had come all the way from south London to photograph the dishes for the upcoming cookery book. Megan Daigle, our project manager for the Cookery Book project did a great job assisting Warwick on the first day. She will soon be interviewing the chefs about the dishes they have prepared. The amazing Ben and Emily from ‘Friends not Foes’ gave up their time to support us.

And finally we can’t thank Firstsite enough for giving us the restaurant and kitchen space for free.

Upcoming cookery classes take place on the 21st and 28th April and 6th May. If you are interested in joining, please do email Maria with the day you are interested in on maria.wilby@refugeeactioncolchester.org.uk