RAMFEL – Refugee & Migrant Forum Of East London

On 17th September we were delighted to welcome a team from RAMFEL to our small office at Queen Street.

James Tullet, CEO, and Clemence Aymon, Immigration Advisor came along to support clients for whom we cannot currently find answers.

RAMFEL have funding to support people facing immigration difficulties and with no access to legal aid or funding. Some of the cases presented were regarding people with no recourse to public funds while awaiting asylum claims for some years. Others were chasing home office documents which have been lost.

23 clients came along or were given a phone consultation. For some the news was sad but enabled them to move on with clear knowledge of their options. For others new pathways opened up and interventions were made.

Clemence and James spent a long day with us, working in a focused and dedicated way. Our small office was brimming and made it increasingly clear that we need additional space – thanks to our neighbouring offices who were happy for us to set up on the landing!

RAMFEL will be back again next month as they realise now what a demand there is for their services. In the meantime we continue to pursue funding to allow us to become OISC registered so we can do some of this important work.