My name is Katie and I turn 25 in the midst of Refugee Week, 16th – 23rd of June.

In the whole quarter of a century I have been alive, I’ve been lucky enough never to have gone to bed hungry.

But not everyone has had what should be a basic human right. So this year, I’m taking part in the #rationchallenge where I will only have the amount of food available to eat that is given to refugees in Jordan.

I got the box today, and can’t believe how little there is. Check out the pictures to see!

Please ‘buy me a drink’ for my birthday in the form of a sponsorship! The money raised will be going to Concern Worldwide UK where they will be using it to buy much needed food for refugees.

My sponsorship page is: https://my.rationchallenge.org.uk/katiefrancis

I have been lucky enough to meet some of Colchester’s refugees through Refugee Action – Colchester and I cannot believe the resilience and generosity of everyone I’ve met. Maria Wilby and Iman Mortagy (who run RA-Colchester) are so dedicated to helping everyone who comes to them in need. Please check out their page to find out how you can help them, and consider heading down to one of their monthly meet ups at Firstsite Colchester where you will have the pleasure of meeting Colchester’s Refugees too!