Recognition and Funding

At Refugee Action – Colchester we have always been of the belief that any money we raise is better being used for the benefit of our clients than sitting in the bank. And we are proud of the fact that we have always been able to help those in most need, thanks in large part to the generous donations that we receive from our supports, whilst also meeting our financial obligations.

Things have changed somewhat over the past two months, traditional fundraising activities are currently on hold but we’ve been suucessful in securing a number of activity specific grants which mean that we now have a very healthy bank balance. Because these grants are tied to specific activities, we still need to maintain our fundraising activities and we are grateful to those kind people who manage to donate monthly to keep the organisation going.

Grants we have received this year:

  • £1000 from the National Lottery for craft and computer classes.
  • £4000 from Colchester Borough Council for Forest Schools.
  • £3600 from Essex Communities Fund to cover lost income due to Covid 19, to cover client support.

We are still progressing a larger National Lottery grant to cover caseworker and other costs, but unfortunately the National Lottery has put all non Covid 19 related applications on hold for a number of months.

We are really pleased, however, to have our work supporting mental health needs recognised by the local Clinical Commissioning Group who have awarded us an interim grant for caseworker support for an initial three months, followed by another three months if the lottery grant is still not forthcoming.

Gail Cardy, transformation Project Manager – Mental Health, West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group – explained the CCG’s decision “In a time of crisis this community has really come together and shown incredible resilience and creativity in ways of supporting each other which I know we will be able to learn from in the future.  I look forward to continuing to seeing the work you are doing grow and develop.”

The bottom line is that we now have a healthy bank balance, but most of that is committed to specific projects, so to ensure we have the flexibility to respond we still need to maintain a strong fundraising focus. Our bank Standing Order form is on the website, and you can also donate from there.

And whilst we cannot attend fundraising events, we are working on merchandise we can sell online – keep watching our website and social media channels for more information!

Philip Horner
CIC Director, Chair, Treasurer and Caseworker