Stakeholder’s Meeting

As part of our work to make Refugee Action-Colchester into a sustainable organisation, we have started what we call ‘Stakeholder Meetings’, the first meeting being held in July 2019. We plan to have three meetings a year giving all volunteers an opportunity to come together and share information on new developments. We value our volunteers and would like everyone to have an opportunity to give feedback, make suggestions, ask questions or share any reflections. Our stakeholders include both our volunteers and clients, so the next step is to arrange a similar meeting for our clients and to allow them a similar opportunity to reflect, share and suggest.

We received a lot of positive feedback on our first stakeholder meeting and here is what a couple of our volunteers said:    

I think it was a very positive meeting that gave volunteers the chance to learn more about the organisation. It is encouraging to see so much progress being done around the sustainable development of the RA-C structure so that it can grow and continue to do more great work. Having the chance to learn about a variety of cases, issues and achievements made me feel part of something very valuable, and want to continue to help make a difference. Communication is key so anything like this that encourages deeper communication is great!”

“The Stakeholder meeting was an enjoyable experience that allowed me to better understand the RA-C organisation. I was surprised, and amazed, by the amount of people involved behind the project. It is always interesting to learn more about what is being done around you, and to find out how individuals can help.”

Please do join us at the next meeting – your input is important to us!

Iman Mortagy – RA-C Case Worker and Director