Summer Holiday Forest School

Mid-August and children start to long to return to school and parents wonder how they can keep them entertained…

Then Greenleaf Forest School offer a free day of fun at Highwoods Country Park and the world becomes a lot brighter.

22 children and their parents and friends came along and we enjoyed the shade of the trees on a hot humid day.

The smaller children loved making mud pies and eating marshmallows lightly toasted on the fire.

We made damper bread and baked it on long sticks over the flames. Some relaxed in the hammock and there was lots of running and hiding.

Thanks so much to Tim Evans, forest school leader, and the crew from Friends not Foes at Colchester Sixth Form for their support. (

Recently we did some research alongside the NHS Reaching Out project and found that for many of our clients the homes and buildings we meet them in or in which they live are never quite like home – not necessarily a bad thing but something that creates an alertness in them. When they are outdoors they could be anywhere – and most importantly – they could be at home. So these days of outdoor fun are especially treasured.

Maria Wilby – RA-C Case Worker