Swimming for Hope

My name is Dr Zeina Alsharkasa, I am currently a lecturer in the Economics Department at the University of Essex – before moving to England to study for postgraduate degrees though, I was a member of the Syrian National Swimming Team.

In August 2019, I will swim the English Channel, hoping to raise awareness about the situation of my compatriots who are risking their lives crossing the sea. I cannot stop the war, but I can swim. I can share the perils that my people pass through by swimming the English Channel and through it share my dreams, voice, and hopes.

Swimming the English Channel is highly symbolic to me as I will be swimming in the opposite direction from which the refugees come to the UK- hoping that refugees will be able one day to choose the direction they want to take and to send a message of peace.

I need to raise £4,490 to complete my swim as I need to cover the registration fees and pay for pilot boats. Any additional money raised will go toward supporting children education in refugee camps.

To read more about my story and donate to my appeal, please visit https://spsr.me/PbKj.