Swords into Ploughshares….Winter Fuel Allowance into Bus Passes?

A few years ago, I was surprised to receive a notification in the post that my Winter fuel allowance was going to be paid into my account. Surprised, because I don’t consider myself as old (well, it’s all relative!) and certainly I’m not needy. As it was coming up towards Christmas time, I gave my £200 to a charity supporting asylum seekers in London. And I’m sure a lot of people do similar things with their allowances. But this year, as I’ve got to know so many lovely people through RA-C who are doing their best to settle here, find their feet and find their way around, I thought I’d turn my Winter Fuel Allowance into an annual bus pass for one or two people. Maybe some others would like to do the same and we could make a bulk purchase!

I’m sure it’s a daily nightmare, getting from some far flung part of town to Wilson Marriage or the Bunting Rooms for daily, essential English classes. Apart from the difficulty of negotiating the local transport system, the cost must cause a real dilemma. When ‘my’ Syrian family were newly arrived and I took mum and three kids into town to buy some clothes, I chose to travel by bus too, so they could get used to it: £7.50 return for the family (I have my wonderful bus pass!) from Ipswich Road to The Minories. I rest my case.

Please contact Maria or Iman if you’d like to join in and I’ll find out how the bus passes work and how to get the best deal.



Written by Clare Smee