Syrian Cookery Classes starting in March plus an inspirational Cookery Book to come!

Starting in March, RA-C and the Syrian Pop-Up Cafe will begin offering cooking classes to the wider community. After more than a year catering local events and receiving rave reviews, the chefs of Pop-Up Cafe will be sharing the recipes, techniques and stories that make the food so good. Dates and plans are still taking shape – a full programme of classes on offer and sign-up details will be published as soon as it is available.

Building on its success in catering and cooking classes, RA-C has also taken the first steps toward producing our very own cookbook. We are working with visual artist Gee Vaucher and our friends at FirstSite in Colchester to create something special: a book that explores not just the dishes themselves but the stories and people behind them. The book will share the Syrian Pop-Up Cafe’s growth and success with Colchester and the world, showing how food can bring people together, facilitate integration and provide practical job experience and training. We will be working tirelessly over the coming months to put together a book that will help you learn to make our delicious food while supporting RA-C’s continuing work with vulnerable people.