The Refugee Action – Colchester Library

We are gradually establishing a small lending library, based at the office at 15  Queen’s Street.

In the Autumn Frank Domoney kindly procured a number of young children’s storybooks in Arabic and some in both Arabic and English. He also obtained a few adult books in Arabic. These have now been entered into a catalogue (a beige exercise book!) and each book has a  sheet in it for the date the book should be returned. So far 3 books have been taken out and returned – we consider that 3 weeks is a reasonable period but will not be levying fines.

Now we need people to become familiar with the library and the books in it. They may also like to request that we get hold of any particular book if a few would like to read the same one.

If any befriender is in town with your family do please bring them along to see what is available and to familiarise them with using the office premises. I am there on Wednesday mornings for this purpose and Maria and Iman are there at other times in the week. They may be interviewing someone so it is best to ring and check.

Finally, if anyone has an interesting book or books on the Middle East and its politics, they may like to share this by contributing it to the library for fellow members of ‘Refugee Action – Colchester’ to read.

Elizabeth Curry