Together We Grow – a pictorial update.

Since our last newsletter the ‘Together We Grow’ group has continued to thrive, as have the seedlings and plants – as can be seen in the images below! Mistakes have been made and advice asked for and given. A busy WhatsApp group has involved sharing photos and giving one another approval and appreciation and new relationships have developed between all involved, both clients and the organising team. It is proving quite exciting and it has become clear that growing is is now a new part of a number of people’s lives to an unexpected extent.

Some of the group now have a Zoom meeting, chaired by Wayne, each Friday for an hour and the attendance is growing as it becomes regular. It is really good to see proud faces when people show their seedlings or to see faces light up when we reassure them that what they have is better than they thought.  From the last meeting arrangements to visit one another’s allotments in the future were made, two women put their names down for a shared allotment and I am sure that some people will visit Wayne at The Big Garden in High Woods. We still hope that regulations might be such that in September we can cook some of the produce together.

Two volunteers recently delivered more compost to participants for transplanting and for earthing-up potatoes in their bags, and Wayne and I are visiting a families in their gardens to give some asked-for advice. We are all aware that we will maintain a good 2 metres between us.

It is really pleasing to be reporting the success of this project.

Elizabeth Curry