Urgent Coronavirus Appeal

Actions to slow the spread of coronavirus are changing just about every aspect of what we have come to think of think of as normal life, the things we take for granted – and the virus itself is understandably causing great concerns for the well-being of loved ones.

It’s almost impossible for the awful situation that we’re in at the moment not to provide a heightened sense of empathy with refugees and asylum seekers – people who have experienced a total loss of all that they took for granted, the loss of family and friends and repeated barbarism at the hands of militia and politicians – now facing the pandemic from often painfully vulnerable existences at the very edge of the society in which they are seeking refuge.

Our work to support these people is hard at the best of times, advocating for people to achieve the status, rights and benefits to which they are rightly entitled…

Coronavirus has made that work incredibly difficult, government policies continue to work to prevent people from accessing the security and stability to which they are entitled – now more important than ever – already stretched statutory bodies are at breaking point dealing with demands from other vulnerable people.

The direct support services that we provide to our clients, such as providing weekly subsistence payments of £35 per week to families without access to any other income are funded entirely by our fundraising activities and your donations.

Coronavirus restrictions mean that we can no longer conduct our fundraising activities and events – so at this uniquely challenging time we need to appeal for more donations to enable us to continue to deliver our services to people who need and rely on us.

Please share this appeal with family and friends – and ask them to spare whatever they can, maybe the cost of a regular coffee or meal-out at this time when cafes, bars and restaurants are out of bounds. Please be assured that our phones are in constant use and nobody is without help, support, advocacy or translated advice for this emergency. These things are delivered at no cost by our volunteers and support network, but we do need to have money to make sure we reach people before things get even more desperate for them.

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