Volunteer Report

We are a group of volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are very involved in service within our church group but were looking for more opportunities to serve in the community around us. We were delighted to be invited to join the refugee community evenings.

We have a couple of ladies who are unable to get out of their homes but love to bake and each month they remind us that they will have a cake or muffins ready for collection for the Refugees… they haven’t missed a month in the last year and it gives them a real purpose to know that they are contributing.

We have had 14 of our members who have attended over that past year and several of them have struck up friendships with individual refugees and families. They have shared meals and attended activities outside of the community evenings together. Marwan even came along to one of our member’s wedding celebrations to help another member with the photography.

We have also bumped into several of the refugee families in town, at the doctors and on the bus and have hopefully been able to help them feel part of the community in Colchester by exchanging warm and friendly greetings.

We love sitting and chatting with the children as we play and colour together and have learned a great deal from them about their lives and their interests.

We look forward to continuing to get to know individuals within the group, both refugees and volunteers.

Thank you for having us!!!

By Vanessa West