Who we help

Colchester has helped newcomers integrate into the local community for generations. Recently the council welcomed refugee families from war-torn Syria as part of the government’s Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. Other refugees and asylum seekers have been sent to Colchester or found their way here independently. Each of these individuals has their own story; most of them with physical or mental scars from the lives they left behind.

Refugee Action – Colchester supports Refugees, Asylum Seekers and other vulnerable migrants – often people who have found themselves in difficult circumstances and are struggling to cope with the complex systems our society has developed.  We do not differentiate based on government assigned labels, we help people who need support regardless of their status.  Whilst this support is aimed at those from other countries, we also help British partners and dependents of migrants. 

People may ask why we don’t support our local homeless population.  There are other organisations specifically set up for these people, and support mechanisms that are relatively easy to access – something not the case for our clients.