World Refugee Week event – ‘Sharing Stories – Breaking Bread’ – Saturday 23 June, from 5-8 at Firstsite

Colchester has a great track record welcoming refugees. Last year we welcomed 15 families from Syria an many others from around the world who came here independently and have become refugees. But what is actually like to flee your home and settle here? Every person’s situation is unique. Some have arrived through the vulnerable persons resettlement scheme and arrive to a house and support, others arrive without help and have to earn a wage within weeks of arrival while yet more find themselves waiting for years while asylum claims are heard.

Refugee Action – Colchester is getting together all the main political parties in Colchester as part of National Refugee Week, for an unprecedented cross-party event ‘Sharing Stories – Breaking Bread’.

If you’ve ever wanted to get behind the headlines and find out what are the real issues facing refugees and what we can do to make a difference, this is the event for you!

Sharing Stories – Breaking Bread’ will feature the personal stories of a diverse range of refugees who have settled here.  There will be opportunity to hear them share their individual experiences in informal groups. Attendees will also discover what each of the main parties in Colchester plans to do to address the challenges that our refuges face.

This interactive and informal event will conclude with a delicious meal of bread and soup cooked by the famous Syrian Pop-up Café, which is run by refugees.

Sharing Stories – Breaking Bread’ will take place on Saturday 23 June, from 5-8 at Firstsite, Colchester. Entry is free, but there will be opportunity to make a small voluntary donation to cover costs. In order to organise catering, you need to book a ticket by emailing maria.wilby@refugeeactioncolchester or going to our event page on Facebook and commenting to reserve a place.